The New Version of Medrec:M - Completely Redesigned

15 Jun 2022

The digital health platform Medrec:M released a new version. It includes a completely new and improved design that optimizes the use of the application. Its new intuitive design makes navigation in the application much more convenient and fast. Medrec:M 7.0 includes improved visualization of key graphic elements in the users’ profiles such as statistics, charts for analysis and evaluation of collected data, graphs of blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, saturation, and more.

This improved design not only facilitates the assimilation of available information but also encourages users to enter their key health data regularly i.e. medication intake, symptom tracking, etc. The new version of the application also includes a completely new video connection technology, through which remote consultations between doctor and patient (also known as telemedicine) can be performed. Thanks to this new functionality, the quality of video and audio connections is significantly enhanced, which results in improved communication between the clinician and the patient.

There are also innovations in the doctors’ interface – Medrec:M Clinic. Doctors can now see a detailed list of their patients and if there is a successful payment on reserved consultations. In addition to that, an administrative portal was also introduced. It contains information about the medical institution’s staff that is working directly with Medrec:M Clinic. The administrative portal includes the schedule and working hours of the specialists, as well as a price list of the services offered. The Medrec:M mobile app can be downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store. Find more information here.