Second Meeting of Sirma Medical Systems’ Medical Advisory Board

1 Jun 2022

On May 19, the second meeting of Sirma Medical Systems’ Medical Advisory Board, took place and the attendees included Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radka Savova, Dr. Tanya Andreeva, Dr. Ivan-Asen Shishmanov, and the team of Sirma Medical Systems. The board was established in early 2022 and holds its official meetings every quarter. Their aim is to improve the digital health platforms Medrec:M and Diabetes:M.

The meeting was an opportunity to announce the new partnership of the company with medical center “Dr. Kalchev” and their use of the digital health & telemedicine platform Medrec:M. MC “Dr. Kalchev” specializes in assisted reproduction and it’s known for using innovative practices and methods for dealing with infertility. The center works with a team of specialists from various fields such as gynecology, fetal morphology, hematology, endocrinology, and more. Thanks to Medrec:M, doctors will be able to communicate with their patients remotely by conducting online examinations, and reviewing laboratory tests, medical records, and other health documents sent to them by the patient.

Another key topic of the meeting was the participation of Sirma Medical Systems in the “Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes” (ATTD) forum with Diabetes:M. This is the 15th edition of the conference and it brought together over 4,000 visitors and exhibitors under one roof for 4 days in Barcelona. A lot of ideas, knowledge, and contacts were exchanged all aiming to improve the technology related to the treatment and management of every type of diabetes. The Diabetes:M mobile app is among the top 12 diabetes tracking apps according to one of the most prestigious health publications in the United States, Healthline Media. The application is used by thousands of users around the world, translated into 19 languages, and over the years has won numerous technology awards. This showcases why Diabetes:M is so highly praised by its users.

The agenda of the meeting also includes a review of the latest changes and innovations related to the development of the two platforms. All doctors shared opinions and expertise related to improving some of the key functionalities of the mobile applications and also discussed development plans for the next quarter.

The meeting allowed the whole team to go through the various applications for a new member of the Medical Advisory Board. “Attracting a new face to the board of established specialists from various fields of medicine is extremely important for the technological development and enrichment of the functionality of our two flagship products - Medrec:M and Diabetes:M. Innovative thinking, teamwork, and inspiration are the key to success for digital healthcare systems”, said Rosen Varbanov, CEO of Sirma Medical Systems.