Medrec: M is among the digital services featured by Sofia Municipality for better personal health management

7 May 2020

Following the good news to ease the restrictive measures implied by the government, according to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sofia Municipality has announced its support for the use of digital innovations as measures to assist people in managing their health in the post-quarantine period. Among them is the innovative application Medrec:M, a product of Sirma.

Sirma Group provided its innovative solution, free of charge to the Sofia Municipality and Innovative Sofia - for the benefit of the citizens and the city administration. The mobile application can be used in both crisis and post-crisis situations. Active use of innovative digital health solutions is one of the most convenient and useful tools that will help people adapt to the new realities after the pandemic and post-quarantine living conditions.

Sofia Mayor - Yordanka Fandakova and the teams of Innovative Sofia and Invest Sofia are grateful to startups and IT companies in Sofia for their willingness to help the city with innovative solutions for all people.

Medrec:M is the latest generation mobile application, designed to collect data and monitor personal health status and to share information with doctors for remote medical consultation. With its user-friendly and simple interface, the app works as personal digital health record that offers users many useful features:

• Monitoring of vital indicators • Creating of family health records – parent’s and children’s profiles • Document management - epicrises, recipes, lab results, and more. • Ability to share health information confidentially with your doctor • Early diagnosis of specific symptoms • Personalized news and health information

Artificial Intelligence techniques are integrated into Medrеc: M., the technology helps users to be informed and assists physicians in better diagnosis and treatment.

Download Medrec:M for Android from Google Play