Medrec:M now offers medication plans and live chat with doctors

19 Jan 2021

The latest version 4.1.of Medrec: M is now available on Google Play and provides a bunch of unique features. All of them aim to make it easier for users and to enrich the existing functionality of the application with several instrumental innovations. Here are the most-wanted functionalities that Sirma Medical Systems integrated into the innovative app.

Medication plan

The user can create a medication plan. It includes everything you need to do with medication - adding a drug with a search option in the database, choosing the type and dose, and for easier visual orientation - the user picks by many shapes and color options.

For proper follow-up of the therapy, there are options for setting different types of admission schedule (e.g. every day, certain days of the week, if necessary, etc.). Each can be configured with a daily schedule - how many times a day to take the drug, start date, and duration. Also, the user can set the time for each intake and the option for different times during the weekend. Another great feature is reminder alarms - they can be made for all added intake hours. The application enables users to monitor the availability of medications and notify them when the number falls below a specific value. If the user has added profiles of her children, then their medications and alarms are active in his list. For this purpose, a plan must be created in the child’s profile, shown to both parents.

Chat with a doctor

A very convenient way of communication is the newly introduced direct chat with a doctor in the application itself. At the moment, the user can send and receive messages from the therapist or another user in Medrec: M. For this purpose, both must be registered in the system and have shared data.

Labs Data

At the moment, Bulgarian users can download and save the data from their lab checks from some of the most popular laboratories in the country. This information can then be stored and shared with the specialist who carries out their therapy.

Add a personal physician

Each user has the opportunity to add personal data to their profile. Adjoining can be done by entering them manually or by automatic search in the NHIF system by persons’ national ID (The uniform civil number - EGN).

Health status diary

The Medrec: M log section has been updated with many options for selecting the type of entry the user wants to make. Innovations include recording blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin, ketones, cholesterol, urine pH, weight, height, and period’s log. Beneath the fields for each new record is useful information and instructions for correct measurement. Information on chronic diseases and allergies An option for recording diagnoses for chronic diseases and allergies has been added to the user’s profile. This information complements the user’s health status and can be extremely useful in determining therapy when shared with a physician.

Login with Facebook and Google

Another convenient feature is the ability to register and log in to the application with either Facebook or Google account.

- Download Medrec:M on Google Play