You can now store and classify important medical documents in Medrec:M

16 Apr 2020

A new version of Medrec:M is now available, just a week after the official launch of the application. With the 2.0 release, users have access to a new useful and convenient feature – document storage and classification.

Medrec: M is the latest generation mobile application designed to collect data and monitor users’ health condition. The users can record and keep track of their symptoms and vital signs and analyze information about their current health status, which in turn will assist doctors in better diagnosis and recommendation of more appropriate therapy.

With Medrec:M 2.0, users can now upload and store essential check-ups, laboratory tests, and medical-related documents, along with to view and download the files on the device. When adding a file, the user can select from the following pre-set types of documents: None (type), Epicrisis, Recipe, Laboratory results, Medical Reports, Referral, Other.

All documents are stored on a dedicated secure server in an encrypted version. This means that only the user and those he chooses to share the documents with can view and access the contents of the files.

For easier document management, the user has to add a document title and can also enter a category (tag) and an explanatory note, as well as choosing a date if they want a different time record from the current one. Users choose explicitly whether or not the document is shared or not.

Files can be attached directly or added after taking a picture with the camera of the phone. Within the existing list of stored documents, the users can filter by different criteria and select only those that they need for a specific action or consultation.