Vaccination Plans and Organization by Health Issues in The New Version of Medrec:M

2 Mar 2021

The latest version of Medrec: M is now available in Google Play and offers various new upgrades and features. The new functions help users organize their data in the application and also track the progress of the mandatory and recommended immunization plans in the corresponding country.

Vaccination plans

In the new version of the app, the user can load and track different vaccination plans, depending on their specific needs. By default, the initial loading is based on the country of residence put in the settings. The lists of all 19 countries include both the mandatory vaccines, according to the immunization calendar based on each country’s healthcare institutions, and also recommended vaccines for travel.

There are options for searching based on a condition or category, with more information for each vaccine.

The user can log the date of receiving each dose of a vaccine as well as follow when the next one is due. This function is especially useful for keeping up with the immunization plans in children’s profiles.

Organization by health issue

One of the key improvements in the application is the introduction of the option to organize symptoms, documents, vitals, and medication plans.

Health issues are separated into two categories - chronic and temporary.

Chronic conditions

Based on the specifics of chronic diseases, they are added when editing the user’s profile and only have a start date. For example, chronic conditions are diabetes, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, and others. There is an option to add allergies with settings for type, allergen, and severity.

Acute conditions

Acute conditions (i.e. cold, flu, inflammation, and others) can be included directly from the Health Issues section in the main menu. They aren’t pre-defined and have the option to set an end date.

When logging each entry in the app, there is an option for it to be connected to one or more health issues, which allows for easy tracking of the connected information.

When reviewing a certain condition, the user can filter all the logs for one health issue as well as share the specific condition with a doctor. This offers a full picture of a certain health issue for the medical team.