Sirma Presented Medrec:M at the 7th Annual Healthcare Conference by "Capital"

28 Mar 2021

The chief commercial officer of Sirma Solutions - Momchil Zarev, took part in the seventh annual healthcare conference held by “Capital” media. This year, the topic of the event was “Innovations and Good Practices in the Healthcare Sector.” The focus of the conference was looking at the future and, more specifically, how will the healthcare sector look after the pandemic, what steps need to be taken, and what innovations are in the sector by now.

At the event, Mr. Zarev presented the Medrec:M platform and its recent innovations. Medrec:M is an integrated platform for telemedicine that finds solutions to the healthcare industry’s various challenges. More and more people prefer digital services because they are safer and more convenient. The Medrec:M app allows the user to create a virtual health record that stores various information like lab results, medication plans, symptoms, health vitals, and more.

Mr. Zarev also presented the new development in the platform - Medrec:M Clinic. This system is designed for medical professionals and gives direct contact between doctors and patients by providing various options for communication. The functions of the system are:

  • Booking appointments according to the doctor’s availability and receiving instant payments
  • Access and visualization of data shared by the user, including documents and medical imaging
  • Video or audio online consultations
  • Direct messaging patients
  • Creating lists of medical professionals and clinical services

“Traditional medicine isn’t as gripping to the young and technology-interested people because they are looking for a new way to communicate with doctors. COVID-19 brought a change which indicates that traditional medicine needs reform and a more effective way of functioning - clinicians working with more people and more data,” said Zarev. 66% of patients keep track of one or more health indicators, and more than 70% of patients prefer a healthcare provider with digital services. Zarev concluded that between 67% and 73% of traditional doctor’s appointments could be avoided by using good telemedicine solutions.