Medical Expert Answers Your Women's Mental Health Questions

18 May 2023

Nowadays, life is filled with stress and multiple daily challenges, where mental health seems to be no less important than physical health. Being in a good state of mental health is an important part of a successful life and our well-being. We often try to deal with the problems in our inner world alone by ourselves and forget that we can turn to a specialist when we have a problem related to our physical health. We met with psychologist Michaela Angelova from the “Dr Kalchev” medical centre to further discuss that topic. We had an informative Q&A with her on Women’s Mental Health, during which she guided ladies on what they can do to feel better.

What is Mental Health Exactly?

The psychologist said that, in general, we can talk about mental health when a person has more positive experiences daily than negative ones. She shared the idea of a “Dictionary of Emotions” in which you write down how you feel and which emotion prevails at the end of the day. The specialist added that we most clearly understand our mental health in a difficult situation based on how we react to challenges, how much we succumb to our problems and fears, how we deal with stress factors and how we overcome them.

How to go Through Stressful Situations More Easily?

Mihaela Angelova’s advice is as follows: when you are under pressure, you need to breathe deeply and fill your lungs and belly with air, just like small children do. Most older adults breathe shallowly and spend most of their time hunched over, which reduces oxygen flow and resilience in stressful situations. She also suggested practising meditation, a favourite sport, and, last but not least, sharing so you don’t keep your emotions inside.

How to Maintain Your Feminine Energy?

Attending women’s gatherings on various topics, going out with friends, and following practices that increase female energy, such as dancing, listening to music, and practising hobbies that awaken your creativity - these are some of the activities the specialist mentioned for strengthening female power. Pursuing sewing tapestries, kneading bread, tilling the soil, planting flowers, and anything you do with your hands would help you return to the woman within us.

What Lowers Your Feminine Energy?

The excessive dynamics of everyday life or routine, lack of change, lack of support and understanding from your partner, and the inability to say “no” to follow your own needs are a small part of the factors reducing your energy. The psychologist shared a saying to help you track your needs more easily: “When I say ‘no’ to someone else’s need, I say ‘yes’ to my own”.

How does Digital Technology Help Women’s Mental Health Care?

The mobile digital health application Medrec:M allows you to store test results and assigned therapy, will remind you of an upcoming therapy session with a psychologist, and allows you to make a remote consultation through the telemedicine functionality.

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