How to Create a Medication Plan?

11 Feb 2022

Hectic daily life often hinders the proper implementation of therapy plans, simply because a person can forget. However, if one has several diseases, it becomes even more difficult to track medication intake because the details that need to be memorized increase. A great solution to this problem are medication plans. Thanks to them you do not have to constantly think about the next dose of medicine, whether the previous one was missed or which of all the medicines is next. The Medrec:M mobile app is like a virtual assistant that helps with all of these burdens, and here’s how to create your medication plan in a few easy steps:

There are two ways to make a medication plan once you open the Medrec:M home screen.

A) The first option is to click on the “Medication” icon, which is located on the far left of the green panel. A new page will open, from it select the dark red plus button, which is located in the lower right corner.

B) The second option is to open the main menu and select the “Medication plan” icon. Then click on the dark red plus button, which is located in the lower right corner. From there, the steps for both methods are the same. It’s time to fill in the treatment information.

1 - Enter the name of the medicine in the first field, but keep in mind to use English (only Latin letters).

If you click on the magnifying glass icon on the right, a search engine with a database of medicines will open, which will make it easier for you to enter the name of the medicine.

2 - In the second column, enter the dose of the medicine.

You can also choose the type of medicine, be it an ampoule, tablets, injection, and others. This can be done by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the column.

If you click on the tablet’s icon (right next to the small arrow) you will be able to choose the specific medicine form. From the window that opens, select the type of the drug, and then you can color it. Click on “Primary Color” and select a shade, when you are ready hit “Select”. Depending on the shape, you can add “Second color” on the same principle. When you are done with the vision of the drug, select “OK”.

3 - The next column is “Notes”, where you can enter useful information or more specifics about drug intake.

4 - Below you can find the column “Health issues”. With this option, you can link the treatment to a specific health problem. Click on the plus to the right of the column and select a disease.

5 - You must enter the intake schedule. When you click on it, a menu opens with a choice of options such as “Every day, every X days” and others.

If you select “Every X days”, you must fill in the number of days. This is done with the “+” and “-” buttons or you can enter the number manually.

If you select “Specific days of the week” you must indicate which days are in checkboxes that appear.

If you select “X days of admission, Y days of rest” you must enter the characteristics for this schedule in the column that appears.

6 - The next step is to choose how many times a day you need to take the medicine. You can enter it either manually or using the “+” and “-” buttons.

For the “More than once a day” options, sample hours appear, which you can edit by clicking on the icon for a specific time.

If you want a different schedule for the weekend, check the box next to “Different schedule for the weekend” and enter the desired range.

7 - You should choose a start date for therapy. Check on the calendar start date and time, and then enter the duration of treatment. It can be “ongoing, until date or for X days”.

If you select “until date”, you must enter it in the calendar that opens.

If you select “For X days”, the application will ask you to enter the number of days.

8 - The “Track Inventory” button allows you to enter the available amount of the medication you are taking.

If you want the application to notify you in case of declining availability, check the box “Set refill alarm”. An alarm will appear, which you can edit according to “Activation moment” and “Time”.

9 - The last button is “Enable alarms”. Once you mark it, you give the application permission to inform you about taking the medicine.

10 - When you are done filling with all the fields, click the tick button in the upper right corner to save the settings.

Your medication plan is ready! If you want to edit it just click on it.