How to Add a Symptom?

27 Apr 2022

Symptoms are an integral part of the development of a health problem in the body - pain, fever, cough, headache. Through them, our body tells us that something is wrong and that it is also time to start a treatment. There are 3 main groups: general symptoms; symptoms that affect a specific system in the human body; mental health symptoms. Whether it is a temporary illness or a chronic disease, tracking your symptoms is extremely important, and in this article, you will find out how in 5 easy steps, you can do it digitally with the help of the mobile health app Medrec:M.

1. From the main menu, select the first option, called “Log Symptoms”.

2. Click on the “Add symptom” button and navigate through the systematically structured symptoms. Choose the ones you are currently experiencing.

3. All selected symptoms will be automatically transferred to a list. Select the degree of its intensity for each of them (weak, normal, and strong) by clicking on the 3 dots visualized on the right of it.

4. Link the symptoms to a specific health issue by clicking on the “plus” symbol. From the list, select the disease with which you associate the symptoms.

5. Click the tick at the top right of the screen to save the information you entered.

Subsequently, you can associate the specific symptom with the “Health issue” you entered in the application and share all this information with your doctor. Тhis way your health will be monitored remotely by a doctor, saving you and your healthcare professional a lot of time.

Just like that in 5 easy steps, you can track your symptoms and find out how they relate to your health. Download the Medrec:M mobile app now and start gathering all your health information in one place.