How to Add a Medical Document

21 Jul 2022

Visits to the doctor’s office are almost always accompanied by medical documents. These, in turn, collected and classified in the Medrec:M mobile application will give you a complete and clear picture of your health status. Thanks to the functionality to add and share medical documents, you will be able to have a fully digitized personal health record. We have taken care of the security of all your medical documents, as they are stored on a special secure server in an encrypted version. This means that only you and those you choose to share access with can view the contents of the files.

Here’s how to successfully manage all your medical records in a few easy steps:

1. Navigate the main menu to the section called “Documents” for short.

2. To add a new document - click on the dark green button with a plus sign, which is located at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the date on which the document was issued.

4. Associate the document with a specific health issue by clicking on the plus sign.

5. Choose the document type from the drop-down menu. The options are as follows diagnostic imaging, epicrisis, prescription, laboratory results, medical report, referral, none, or other. 6. To better manage your medical history, 2 extra fields are displayed on the screen: title and notes. If you think that filling them in will help you to navigate your documents inventory faster and easier, enter the relevant information in them.

7. Attach the file or take a photo and upload it in the app.

8. Save the entered information by pressing the tick in the upper right corner of the screen.

From the list of all stored documents, you can filter them by various criteria and add them to a specific consultation with a doctor. Learn more about the importance of keeping and organizing your medical records. They give you extremely valuable, and sometimes even vital information about our blood type, in the event of an accident, drug allergies, other diagnoses, medical reports, and more.

We created Medrec:M with a universal purpose - to collect your entire medical history in one place, but it’s up to you to personalize it with your own health records. Download the app completely free from here.